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Morning everyone. Singapore Qantas lounge question.

I'm off to the Philippines in two weeks today for a week. Figured whilst I'm up there I'll have a mini-holiday. so off to HK for 2 days and then off to SIN for a day. Booked a PE seat on Qantas on the way home. Have applied to upgrade to business class using 25000 point but this isn't guaranteed. So I am considering buying a Qantas club pass on ebay to ensure I get access to the lounge regardless of my upgrade. they appear to be selling for $50/$60 each. anyone ever been to the SIN Qantas club lounge. just wondering if it's worth it? Thanks and have a great weekend!


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Morning Lionel

Are you flying Qantas up to Singapore/Somewhere else from Australia cause if so you could buy a USD$99 pass for 30 days to access all Qantas Clubs/Business Lounges which may be a better buy

I have not been in the updated lounge but from the photos/reviews it looks quite nice



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Hi mate


flying with qantas to Manila.

Wasn't aware of this. Will look into it! Thanks 


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Posting your exact route (with airlines) would help.

The Qantas lounge at Singapore is very nice and well worth a visit, the lounge at Manilla is an associated lounge and I would be doubtful a pass would give you entry.

The membership mentioned by henrus is an AA 30-day pass which also provides entry to Qantas operated lounges when an a Qantas operated flight


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To get access with a QC pass, it must be a lounge operated by QANTAS.  You will not get access in Manila, but you would in Singapore or Hong Kong.


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Not sure how much you travel but Priority Pass have two lounges at Ninoy Aquino airport.  Expensive though if this would be your only time using it.

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