How to make the most of Emirates First Class

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EK First Class. Hi guys, i am flying EK between MEL and SIN next month. Any tips of how to make the most of it? Also, do first class passengers get different types of cars to business class passengers? In DXB last year First get Mercedes but business get Volvo cars.. is it likely the same in MEL? (ie First get a European car but Business get a holden or similar?) Thanks


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The cars varry and to my knowledge you can not request a specific type of car.Enjoy the lounge and get there early..depending on your ticket and QF status enjoy the lounge and Spar if eligible, and do it  early..if possible again with status two to three days out.Enjoy the the meals and if you drink sample the great wines.And if it,s A380 on this sector book a shower early at a time of your convenience.Take advantage of all offerings.I also add if its your birthday in conversation let the flight service manager know..and you may get a bottle or couple of bottles of the bubbles as QF often do.


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The type of car could be anything, we returned on Emirates First from Dubai and were picked up in a Holden Caprice from Sydney Airport but you may be picked up in a BMW or Mercedes, it's a lucky dip. Aircraft type from Melbourne will be a 777, so no shower on board that one. As Robert said, get there early and enjoy the lounge. Safe travels!


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Use the QF lounge instead of EK's as it's vastly superior in terms of comfort. Skip on the meals in the lounge because that particular evening service has great meals on board, which will be dine on demand. There will be a dedicated jetway for F passengers so make sure you turn left. PJ's, slippers, and amenity kits are provided.


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As chrisor said no showers available on this route


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My ride to MEL tullamarine was in a Caprice ordered thru a limo company by Emirates. The driver (very good I might add) had to ask which airline I was flying.....Flight MEL -DXB on the A380 business.

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