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Ads on this site.

Is it just me or are there a lot of ads for living room furniture on this site? I think the targeted advertising algorithms must be detecting higher than normal usage of the word "lounge".


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Sites like Australian Business Traveller, Crikey, Plane Talking (a blog off the Crikey domain), and most mainstream news sites like smh.com.au, brisbanetimes.com.au etc all allow contextualised ads to be run on their sites based on variable criteria.

This can range from quite invasive behavioural and tracking code based ads through to simple relevant/irrelevant ads that are based on your browsing behaviour which is in turn dicatated by your browser, security settings, and indeed whether you are logged into sites like ABT, Facebook, Twitter etc...

This is the digital space that we live in these days - we won't have independent and authoritive sites like ABT without this source of revenue for them. 


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I was introduced to this site after noticing an ad for it embedded in a furniture site I was browsing...


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Or maybe it's just that this 'Craft Modern' company wants to reach ABT readers because business travellers are part of the target audience of this type of designer furniture? 

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