Upgrading only one sector on QF2 London-Sydney

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A question for more well travelled readers. I have just bought a couple of business return tickets SYD-LHR with Qantas and returning on QF2. Upgrade is out for the flight over as it is on EK aircraft. I looked at using points to upgrade to first on the LHR-DXB leg at 15,000 points each, but the website will only let me upgrade the whole flight at 60,000 points each. I have the points, but want to save them for more flights next year. Can I upgrade the first return leg only online somehow without ringing Qantas, I don't want to sit on the phone for ever? Thanks in advance.


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Whilst not a regular business or first traveller (never travelled first), the required 15000 per seat for the whole 23+ hour travel is not bad. I would be jumping on it!. The benefits for that flight for yourself and partner traveller are worth those points. I would also imagine your net points difference would be tiny as a Buiness ticket erans 20k worth of points each, so in real terms will only set you back like 20000 points. (Assuming travel partner is also QFF)


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The only way you could do this is by calling QFF. QF2 needs to be showing as two separate legs before this is even possible. That might require ticket revalidation/reissue (along with associated penalties) as it would be like adding a stopover in DXB even though it's only for the 2 hours or so. 

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