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Condor Airlines. Intriguing discovery

I stumbled upon Condor Airlines, part of the Thomas Cook Group and was surprised to learn it is the 3rd Largest Airline in Germany. Truly never heard a word about them. The thing that intrigues me is they have some pretty amazing prices overall, especially in Business Class. The Business Class product is not fully flat, but according to wikipedia and the website the cabin's for the entire fleet have been refurbished. Hopping over to the US, and even as far as ASIA the prices are ridiculously low and not that much more than most airlines are charging for a 1 way ride from Europe to NYC.

I am curious about this airline. Even if I don't ever take the plunge it seems an interesting Airline.

The thing I find attractive about their offering is that it seems to occupy a sweet spot I didn't think existed from Europe to Asia and in terms of my travel interests in particular - the USA. Until this discovery I found most of the Airline Premium or Business Class offerings extremely expensive regardless of which city in Europe you departed from to any of the major North American Cities, despite the short distance. But they are busy routes, so one understands they can charge what they like.

In the past I have checked prices for say London to JFK Economy and found that consistently a one way fare would cost around $700-$1000 on average, depending on the airline. There are some specials at times which dip closer to $500, but the choices are limited and usually not a direct flight (Norwegian being a prime example).

Use the same route of London to JFK but in Business Class and you are consistently met with prices starting as low as $2000 with Icelandair, $2600 with Air Berlin and so on. You need to spend $3000-$3500 to get a Bus Class seat with say BA or V Atlantic.

So for about $800 Euro or $1147AUD you can fly with Condor on an angled lie flat seat. It's not full Business Class, in that you don't get the fully flat bed, but it's cheaper than Premium Economy and more spacious. For a short 6-8 hour hop over to the USA I think the comfort factor for that price is definitely worth considering when the other option is spending double or more.

Thoughts? Seems like a fairly decent option, although I have never heard of them and can't hunt down reviews easily.

Interestingly the product and price is often cheaper than many Euro Airlines Economy offerings with Extra Leg Room




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They also offer points towards Miles and More, Lufthansa's Rewards scheme.

Ps- No I do not work for this airline lol. Just a bit of an Airline Nerd who loves Airlines.


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Wow, I was at Frankfurt airport in January and did not see a single one of there aircraft (just about 1000000000 Lufthansa aircraft and that was it!)


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Yeah it's odd that no one knows about them despite being the 3rd Largest commercial airline. That's all according to wikipedia, so who knows how accurate it is!


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