Brisbane to Mackay: Qantas Q400 or Virgin Australia Boeing 737?

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Hi Guys, Just a short question. On the 10th of October, I will be flying up to Mackay from Brisbane then on the 12th flying back to brisbane. If I go both ways with QANTAS i will get my QFF Silver but the Flight up will be on a Q400, Don't get me wrong they're a great aircraft but should I go QANTAS with the Q400 or Virgin with the 737-800?


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Well what's more important to you, status or the operating equipment?

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I'd take the jet anyday, gets you there a lot quicker too. Much more spacious than the dash 8 too



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I live in mackay and fly the route all the time. It's only a short flight so if I were you I'd fly Q to get the status upgrade. 



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The QF Q400 is not really much slower than the VA jet. I also fly this route a lot and the time difference is negligible really. Go for QF silver if it's what u want. 


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I agree. Status is more important, plus i flew that route once with virgin which was meant to be on a 738 but got downgraded to a e190 so i say go on q400, get your free wine and baggage and enjoy qff silver! :)

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