Will we ever see one stop flights to London Stansted (STN) from Australia?

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Hi TRB and everyone else who has commented, The reason I am particularly looking at STN is because my main UK destination is Cambridge because thats where relatives are located and STN is much closer to Cambridge than LHR and LGW so it would save time for relatives picking me and others up. Also some of thoss relatives also visit Australia regularly so it'll work both ways. Not particularly looking for LCC's although I know STN is suited for that.


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Ah if that's the case then I'd say it is highly unlikely that STN is made a gateway for such flights. The committee appointed to review London's airports have pretty much settled on an expansion of LHR or LGW. There is too much vested interest for LHR to remain the main gateway to London and the South East. And because LHR is the de facto gateway the likelihood of traditional airlines flying to secondary airports like STN is low. 

But I get what you're saying. It is a bit of a trek to get from Cambridge to Heathrow. Offering flights from secondary UK airports to the hubs of AMS and CDG has been the business model for some of the national airlines of the Continent. However I think STN is too close to London (without actually being within Greater London!) to be a target airport for these carriers.

I suppose an alternative is to fly from Birmingham? Does EK still offer services to BHX?


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Yes you will see it at sometime in the future and i am aware that three manufactures are in the early stages of working on it.My question to you unless your fly first or business why the hell would you ever want to be on it.


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I think you probably misread the question as "nonstop flight from Australia to London".


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And I suspect almost no manufacturers in the world are working on an aircraft that can do the direct flight fully loaded (an unloaded  747, A380 and I suspect some 777s would make it)

There are so few routes in the world that need such a long direct service that spending $$ billions on an aircraft that barely sells is not going to happen.

As it is, Airbus is struggling to see how its A380 program ever becomes profitable.


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Air Asia plan to re-introduce it eventually

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