A nine hour layover in Hong Kong...

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I am travelling on CX business class through to UK and have a 9.5hr layover in HKG (3pm-1am) on a Sunday night. I have read a few different threads on how I should fill the time but was wondering if there were any further up to date suggestions for a 30yr male traveling solo. Should I lounge hop or head into the city? Which lounges or places should I visit? How long do I need to allow for travel to and from airport on Sunday night?

I have no OW status anymore (bugger!). I have travelled extensively through North America and Europe but not much in Asia. Love Asian food. Any suggestions would be most welcome!



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Hey mate. If I were you I'd head to the rooftop bar at Ritz Carlton as soon as you get there so you can enjoy the harbour lights display from the roof with a nice drink in your hand! The bar also serves delicious Asian inspired food. I believe the light show starts at 18:00. But I could be wrong. Highly recommended! I did this and do not regret it at all! Enjoy your trip! Safe travels! I would allow abt an hours travel into city and an hour back. And taxi was maybe $50 (australian) each way. 


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I had a similarly long layover when I travelled from the UK back to Australia.  Spent my time between the CX and QF lounges.  I'd head to the CX lounge after you land for a shower and some noodles.  Spend an hour or two there and then I'd head to the QF lounge for dinner.  The meals are great and accompanying wines plus fully trained cocktail staff on hand if that's what youre after.  The lounge space itself is very comfortable although can get a bit crowded towards the boarding of the QF flights.  Highly recommended! 


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I'm assuming you've never been to HKG before...

Definitely hop an Airport Express train into HKG Station, buy a Same Day return ticket. Also grab an Octopus Card (load HK$100 onto it) as they're used for many things including Public Transport, 7-11s, Starbucks, Watson's Pharmacy's (they're everywhere!) and a few others.  Great for being able to pick up a snack or a bottle of water during your travels.

Option 1 stay on the "island side"..

There is a Tim Ho Wan (Google it) Dim Sum restaurant in HKG Station (near the Subway restaurant, look for the Subway on the map), have the BBQ Pork Buns.

If you want to stay on the island side get a taxi to The Peak tram and head up there for some great views of HKG.  Suggesting taxi to and from The Peak as your time is limited.

Depending on how long you stay at the Peak you could get yourself back down to Wan Chai/Causeway Bay and catch a tram for a stop or three and explore a few of the street markets there.

Come back down to the Ritz Carlton as mentioned for the Light Show.  Afterwards AE train back to the Airport from HKG station.

Option 2 "Kowloon side"...

Alternatively a short stroll down to the Central Ferry terminal (from HKG Station, yes still have the Dim Sum first!) and you can catch the Star Ferry over to Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), just so you can say you have, very famous mode of transport!  Hop on the MTR (train)at TST (short walk from Ferry Terminal to MTR entrance near the Salisbury YMCA and a walk underground to get to the train platform) and head to the Ladies Market or Fa Yuen St Market  (3 or so stops so a very short ride).

Light Show is an 8pm start so get the MTR back to TST (not East TST).  From TST MTR station walk down to the Avenue of Stars for the Light Show.  Afterwards MTR from TST back to Central (connected to HKG station), walk to HKG Station and catch AE Train back to airport.

I haven't factored eating in there.  I tend to just grab bits as I go with these types of layovers.  You'll have Lounge entry with CX so you'll be able to get something quite substantial when you get into the lounge.


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Agreed, but I'd also look at doing Hung's Delicacies in HKIA and I'd do the Peak Tram up but the minibus route 1 down the hill (it's crazy fun).

I think the OP will get at least four hours of good fun in town before doing some late-night lounge hopping - definitely get the best CX has to offer.

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