Redemption levels after the AA and US Airways merger?

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Redemption levels after the AA and US Airways merger? My email got tthe following "you'll be able to redeem your miles for any available seat with AAnytime® Awards" - what is going to happen to MileSAAver???

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'AAnytime Awards' are part of AAdvantage, although not Dividend Miles. Once your miles are converted across into AAdvantage, they can obviously then be used for AAnytime Awards.


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I think Marta may be referring to the redemptions rates. Under the current AAdvantage redemption regime, redemptions on AA metal can be performed under two tariff categories;

  1. MileSAAver and 
  2. Anytime Awards. 

MileSAAver is the discount tariff, whereby fewer miles are required for redemption on AA metal. 

With the wording of the recent Aadvantage news release, one could imply that, with the planned changes, redemptions can (only) be made under the Anytime Awards regime.

My understanding Marta is that the redemption rates have not changed at all. I believe your concern has arisen as a result of the poorly written Aadvantage new release, which does suggest that MileSAAver tariff may be discontinued. 

We are all so cynical with companies and their marketing weasels that at times, we may read into something that is not there. I would say in this case it is incompetence in writing as opposed to anything more sinister.

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