Perth - Singapore Where to next?

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So because we have jobs and we are on the west coast we should pay more? I don't think u meant that.

dont see why we shouldn't have another option. Yes singapore is great but that wasn't my original question


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Folks, this is called market correction. Vote with your feet and move on.


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I believe Perth to Singapore is the busiest Aus-SIN route (it's proximity clearly helps). 

watson374, 3K already operate the route - are you suggesting they up their frequencies?  They dropped 3K111 a while back.

SQ has 4 daily flights, room for a 5th? Unlikely.  Time for a new full service airline? Probably.


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Yes, that is what I mean. With Tiger pulling out, the only LCC competition is Scoot, and that's not even daily. There is therefore a lot of potential for 3K to zero in on the low-fare market, which I believe should be quite good (especially considering SQ can charge pretty much whatever it likes).

I absolutely think 3K should go to full double-daily on PER-SIN (though their timetable needs some rejigging). The time to go in for the kill is now - the window after Tiger pulls out but before Scoot can up its frequency.


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3K is going triple-daily seasonally twice a week, every Tuesday (departing 0040) and Friday (0720), from 16 Dec to 27 Jan


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Actually Perth - Singapore isn't the busiest Aust-Sing route.

Perth's the third busiest Aust-Sing route after Sydney and Melbourne.

Surely Virgin's going to step in on this one


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