New US destinations for AirNZ?

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AirNZ: New US destination tipped;

Just read in a a news article that AirNZ planning a new route to the US using their 787-9 or 777's, Chicago, Vegas or Houston.. top 3

Any news or thoughts?

source: NZ herald


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Houston would make the most sense.


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I can't see it being vegas. It is such a short hop from LAX where their flagship plane already runs. 

Chicago would be nice, Be interesting if there is demand though. 


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Besides, it's all O&D traffic to LAS. I doubt there's enough traffic to that one city.

Gotta be Houston. From IAH you're one Star Alliance stop away from pretty much anywhere in North America, plus all the major cities in South America and it's even a pretty good route to Europe (apart from having to go through US customs)


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I agree Houston would have more connecting traffic options but Chicago would have more destination traffic to balance out the lower connecting traffic.


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I've always wondered if a twice weekly SYD-LAS VA 777 service would work - LAS it probably the most popular US destination for Australians after LAX, JFK and SFO and very desirable for the 'deluxe bucks' weekends type groups who would love a direct flight.


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Agree Houston, very similar to QFs service to DFW, an AA hub

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