Are there any other websites like AusBT?

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Any sites like AusBT?

I was wondering if anyone also reads other sites like AusBT


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with the same mix of av-centric news and forum? Definitely not in Aus.


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flyertalk. The Qantas and (especially) Virgin forums really need more activity. 

australianfrequentflyer I look at occasionally, but it seems to be a fairly user-hostile place, constantly making it difficult for you to read threads without signing up. I think you can get around it with Chrome's incognito mode, but it's just plain annoying.

It's also full of ads, iirc. I'm not sure if there's anyone still looking at the internet without AdBlock though. (If so, whyyyy?)


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Sign up, what's your problem? Use a throwaway address. AFF is hostile to idiots and whingers. We've saved a lot of money and got some great help from AFF members. 


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I'd suggest there are no other sites like AusBT, although I am biased..!

Seriously though: if you're on Facebook, there's a great frequent flyer community at


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I'm with you David!



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One mile at a time offers some great hotel/lounge/airline reviews but does not have threads like AusBT, but the reviews make for great reading. The site is however fairly US based with only a couple of Australian reviews.


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Not the same as AusBT, but One Mile at a Time and LoyaltyLobby are regular reads for me. And FlyerTalk, obviously.


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AusBT really is the most comprehensive site dedicated to Australian travel, nothing comes close.

In addition to the above posts, I like to read View from the Wing along with One Mile at a Time. Asian Business Traveller is also quite good (usually pick up a complimentary magazine copy when travelling to Asia) otherwise I receive email newsletters.

If you are interested in a particular trip report on a specfic airline, I'd also suggest googling (not sure that's a real word) the airline, class of service and route, followed by words [trip report or trip review]

FWIW I have noticed that some forum based websites like airliners dot net seem to have dropped in google rankings (might be the panda update from google that has done this, but can't be sure) so my point is to keep scrolling to pages 2 and 3 in the search results.


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Yeah nothing beats AusBT! I love the community feel here even though I am no Frequent Flyer.


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I believe I stumbled upon what I believe is the British equivelant of AusBT a few days ago - it was something else BT.   The range of topics were Euro based at the time I read it but were very similar to what we have on our beloved site.  However,  the biggest gripe on their site at the time was BAs policy of allowing 23kg of carry on luggage on their flights which seemed to be causing all sorts of grief to our Pommy cousins.

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