Upgrade to Velocity Gold.

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Upgrade to Velocity Gold.

I'm currently a silver member but have not been flying a lot of late. To upgrade to VA Gold, I need 4 eligible sectors and 40 Status Credits.

Can anyone recommend the cheapest way of obtaining this?

My thoughts are 2 MEL returns but surely there is an easier way.



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How do you define "easier"?

You could do ADL-SYD (via MEL) return for around $320.


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"Surely there's an easier way" to get four sectors and 40 SCs than flying four rather short and cheap sectors? Nope, sorry, that's pretty much the easiest way. 

domesticgoddess is right though, ADL-MEL-SYD is a good idea if you don't want to feel like you're pointlessly backtracking. Or maybe Hobart?

I noticed VA was advertising ADL-MEL for $75 this morning, bargain!


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40 SCs and 4 sectors means any 4 cheapest flights with a VA number will do.

For example MEL-ADL or MEL-LST, whichever is the cheapest for you.

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