• I flew Australia-DPS Return last week. Outgoing on Jetstar - Almost full flight Incoming on Virgin - not even 50% full I'm not surprised that it is not profitable. Most of the people on Bali trips want to save as much money as possible

  • My prayers have been answered for the iCloud Drive explorer app. This is the only thing that has kept me using Google Drive up until this point.

  • And then you are snapped back into reality when you get off the plane and realise that you are a non US citizen going through immigration at LAX. Not to worry though, in 2 hours you will be out and on your way!

  • Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto is fantastic, I dont know why more people dont know about it. Sure you have to fly in on a propellor aircraft, but with Porter flying in a Q400 from many US cities it is a very good choice. Also, the immigration queues are almost non existant here. You can be off...

  • iPad Pro: Apple supersizes the tablet

    May 07, 2015, 04:02 PM

    It would be fantastic if it ran OSx instead of iOS. That would eliminate the need to carry a laptop. iOS is fantastic, but the limitations in the Mail app and other watered down features mean you will almost always need your laptop at one point

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