I want to share with the members my recent disgust with QFF.

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I want to share with the members my recent disgust with QFF. Im a QF Platinum member who spends most of time time traveling International. Achieving 4600 QF oneworld combined SC's for my year and 2600 QF only flights. My last flight before my end of year anniversary was SYD > LAX > LAS return. This flight was taken with my son who was selected to represent Australia in the Karate World Championships. When i booked the flight I rang QFF and explained that i need to book Economy sectors so to travel with the team which was to put me short to achieve the required 2700 SC to achieve P1. Booking return business would reach the target. QFF said they would review this case. To my disgust on my return they rejected my P1 status by just an email with no personal phone call. Staff at Sydney International First also went into bat for me writing emails to QFF asking for consideration. I am so disgusted at this decision and wish that Qantas management couls see that they are losing high user road warriors through stupidity with no common sense.


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I think stupidity is in the eye of the beholder. Yes it's irritating, but to be fair it does say 2700 status credits. If they kept on lowering and lowering the earning threshold where would they draw the line? I have heard of many a person being denied a status upgrade being less than 5% of qualifying requirement short. Also, I know a lot of people with P1 and the general consensus is that it's not as great as QF make it out to be.

At the end of the day, in my opinion, the qualifying requirements are the qualifying requirements. If you don't meet them, you really shouldn't expect to receive the benefits qualifying provides. But that's just my opinion. Take it or leave it. 


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Jason, I concur that it sucks, but I am honestly not surprised.  QFF have made some generous offers reccently, but they take a less generous approach than some.  I was just short of Platinum last year when the rumour circled about the double status credits offer.  Alas they only offered it to ppl just short of requalifying for Gold.  It sucks, but they are still trying to keep strict formality and exclusivity to the process.

I think your case is unfortunate, better luck next time, perhaps you need to throw in a status credit run.... 


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I agree with the first comment, the rules are the rules and if you don't meet these then there should be no special consideration especially when you could have flown business but chose to fly economy.


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If QF does it for you, then they have to do it for everybody who is 100 SC's off (and all those who are even closer). That probably adds up to hundreds, if not potentially thousands, of people.

If you were short of the published cutoffs then that's your problem, not QF's. I doubt any other airline would have comped you up a status tier when your are still that far off.

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