I am looking for a piece of advise from the members.

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I am looking for a piece of advise from the members. My mother-in-law is on a three month trip to the UK with Malaysian Airlines (Economy). Two days prior to departure from Perth she receives a text message that her return flight from LHR to KUL has been cancelled and that she is booked on the earlier flight. This means she will have 13+ hours and an overnight at KLIA before her connection to Perth. There is no mention that they will allow her to change her entire itinerary free of charge or provide her with a hotel room at KLIA, What is the best way to approach MH to discuss either a FOC change to her ticket or provide her with a hotel room? Should I call, mail via their website or write a registered letter?


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Phone them. Forget mail or email. Unfortunately for us pax, MH are rejigging a lot of their flight schedules, however it will be better in the future when they are profitable again and can recommence daily flights to AU cities.

My recommendation: Sort it out on the phone, state your case and be polite. Suggest asking for transfer to the same connection on different day?


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Call them... Since Malaysia Airlines cancelled the flight, they should make any relevant changes at no cost... similarly, they should also cancel a ticket at no cost. I have recently cancelled an entire journey with them because they cancelled a flight on one sector and it no longer suited me. It should have had a fee attached to me cancelling the whole journey but they waived it since it was their fault.



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You should call them. But it greatly depends if you book directly with them or via agency. For later they may be difficult to provide hotel, but should make better connection if it exist.

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