MH A380 to AUS, why not?

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MH A380 to AUS, why not?

with MH planning to downgrade CDG from A380 to 777, why not sent the surplus A380 to major Australian cities namely SYD & MEL


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Because they are looking to sell them (and I suspect can't fill them)


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The original plan was for them to fly to SYD and MEL I believe, however the route demand just isn't there, it would require a major shift in frequency...


They did however use the 380 for some SYD flights last month. 


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Generally, the lack of appreciation of basic economics by some younger members of our community is concerning.


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Here's the thing: route and fleet decisions are made by people who have entire .csv files full of numbers that you don't know. They spend their entire lives figuring out how to optimise fleet use down to the cent (or ringgit, if you prefer). As outsiders, trying to argue about what would be a better use of the fleet is as ridiculous as the Pope recommending good sex positions. 


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Hugo would the recommendations be made at the Royal Commission?


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Actually in Malaysia, the equivalent of cent is sen, which is essentially cents in engish :)


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MH shooudl really NOT down grade CDG to a B777. Idealy an A380 from Sydney via KUL to either CDG or LHR would be more suitiable. I am sure that over time they will be able to fill and maintain capacity. 

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That's a bit concerning...

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