Thoughts on Air New Zealand's new advertising campaign?

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Thoughts on Air New Zealand's new advertising campaign?

"Where to next?"


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No, I do not like it at all!

Wrong song choice to start with (Annie, seriously Air NZ?)...

I get they want to advertise their new destinations but this was certainly the wrong way to do it.

It seemed more EK or SQ than NZ, which I believe is the main problem here. Air NZ are known for their more 'outside the box' campaigns so this is very conflicting with what brand image they are trying to convey. Are they trying to attract more premium customers (I don't see why when they have monopoly on premium leisure routes)?

Air NZ have dropped their game in the last few years - Which is a shame as I enjoy flying with them. Their loyalty scheme is alot to be desired, espcially at Elite level since there is not much that separates it from Gold. I'll be interested to hear from any AusBt members who are also Gold/Elite and have found this declining regime happening as well.


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I absolutely hate it


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I didn't mind it but the vocalist singing the song was just like nails-on-chalkboard.

If the vocalist was more pleasant I wouldn't have any complaints about the advertisement.


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I don't mind it. Certianly not unpleasant. Would have liked to see more of a focus on the hard/soft product (ie how you'll get to your destination) rather than the pretty loose destination based advertising.

The singer sounds like Gin Wigmore, a pretty well known New Zealand artist. Which will mean nothing to international audiences, of course.


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"You're only a day away" -- not the lyrics I personally would choose to promote a long-haul airline...

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