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Carry on luggage.

Morning all. Just a quick question for you all. I need to invest in some luggage ideally for 3 or 4 day international getaways. It would need to carry 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of dress shoes, 1 or 2 dress shirts, 3 or 4 t shirts, underwear, socks and toiletries. Could I cram this all into a qantas approved sized carry on case and still come under the 7 kg limit if so what brands would you recommend? Thanks in advance for the feedback.


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Antler is always pretty good. Should come in under the 7kg limit.

If you are looking to go for something cheaper go for Qantas branded luggage, they seem alright but have not had previous experience with them.

Are you looking to go for a 2 or 4 wheeler?



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i love my eastpak 2 wheeler - split section so can keep 'dress' separate to 'relaxed' - always managed to get enough in for few days - but i am a nonweigher so if being a good boy is important have no idea re the weight - but size fine


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You'll definitely fit all that into a 7kg carry on bag. 

Antler is my brand of choice. I find it good value. Don't buy at full ticket price, it's like buying a persian rug, there's always a 40%, 50% or 60% off sale. (Luggage in general)

If I have to travel with suits and or shirts, I take a flat garment bag. The one I have fits in shoes and toiletaries in the pockets. If no suit, I've used it to take shirts, pants, tees and socks/jocks. It's wide and flat and carry on friendly.

I find if I need additional shoes, I go for a traditional carry on bag.

If I'm going for 3-4 days or even a weekend where warmer (bulky) clothes are required, I have a wheeled duffle bag that probably pushes the domestica carry on limits but fits a stack of stuff whilst remaining compact. 

Horses for courses.... All courtesy of fairly cheap Antler luggage.


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antler or samsonite, myer often offer 40-50% off on deals. I also own an antler and am very happy with it. Remember to take your laptop out in its own soft bag as this will quickly push you over the 7 kg, and needs to be scanned separately at securityanyway.


I have never been questioned by QF, only by an officious individual on VA with regards to carry on weight. If you travel domestically in the US just see how much they carry on to a flight!


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When I was travelling from NY to LAX domestically you should of seen the size of the carry on bags!

Many people were asked to hand the bags over and incur a $20 fee for putting it under. (About a dozen)


The some of the sizes were around the ones I would take on a 1 month trip to Europe!!! :) 

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Use one of those air expulsion bags.

There is the vacuum one, but also the zip lock one, where you fold the air out of the bag.

I have used it on my one trip ADL-SIN few years ago, tried it without the air expulsion bag, bag was heavy.

But once you fold the bag out of air, one way has a valve that won't let air bag in, the weight suprisingly drops.

Target used to sell them, think they still do, you can probably buy them online now these days.

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Google images this:

Eagle Creek pack it compression sac 

Just to have a look to see what it looks like.

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