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Heads up - Heathrow Express.

Hey guys, Heathrow Express recently announced a new fare structure. If you book your ticket online 90 days before departure online a single has come right down from the current £35 return to just £11.90. Up to 30 days before departure £17.50. On the day ticket desk prices remain £35 return (or £40 if purchased on board).


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Thanks Jason. Noted that. It seems the Heathrow Connect service is doing its job to increase competition and drive over all value for the travelling public.


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Sorry - forgot to paste the link


The Heathrow Connect is a great option if you need to get to any of the terminals except T5 which requires a change of trains at 'Heathrow Central'.  I think Heathrow Express was also feeling the heat from Uber/Halo etc etc.  where under the old pricing system if there was two or more of you travelling together it was just as inexpensive to use one of these.  And it will definitely bring over a lot of London Underground users travelling to the airport where the fare difference is now minimal yet the experience on HEX is far superior.

I just hope that in light of the likely increase in punters they will address capacity issues at weekends.  It's my biggest bug bear with them.  I use the Heathrow Express pretty much weekly and on weekdays they use an eight car train - even in the narrow peak time windows i've never failed to get a seat.  On weekends, they reduce the train to a four car service and getting a seat (especially if you are boarding at Heathrow Central, the second stop) can be problematic.  Yet, the fares have always remained the same regardless of day of the week.  I get that demand drops a bit at weekends (maybe 20% max) but the capacity of the train is reduced by 50% so way out of kilter.

Now that I will be paying far less I will have less reason to moan :-)


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I just use the tube

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Heathrow Express is great once you leave Heathrow Central. If you come in to Terminal 4, it can sometimes involve both a wait there and at Heathrow Central which is substantially longer than the journey from Central into Paddington. If you have time and little luggage (and are not travelling in rush hour) or need to get to somehwere specific in London, then the tube is still an ok bet!

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