• My experience with airlines has always been if the first flight on the same ticket is booked in business class, then the luggage allowance often carries through to subsequent connecting flights.Interestingly when I read the article I overlooked the fact it talked specifically about domestic trave...

  • 7kg is a tough call, especially given the weight of certain quality hand luggage and even more so if you are travelling business class. BA gets away with offering 23kg hand luggage allowance. I am not suggesting this and would totally endorse size restrictions,but something in the region of 10-14...

  • Looks roughly Range Rover Evoque size. Pleasant as a second car runabout (assuming you can afford it), but not practical in terms of medium/full size SUV luggage space

  • 10 of the Gatwick A320s were somewhat strangely all purchased second(or third) hand a few years back from a variety of different airlines, as a plan to speed up the withdrawal of the 737 fleet.

  • On flights of an hour or so, the seat is not much of an issue, but on three hour flights such as Malta, there is no fun in sitting like this. BA needs to consider some form of onboard entertainment offering too!

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  • Have been on a couple of flights up front, where passengers in underwear only(and indeed not very flattering underwear) have got up without putting on shorts or similar and headed for the bathroom. Definitely not on in my book!

  • Great to watch once, but as a request flyer 6 minutes of this on a regular basis would be sleep inducing. All credit, however, for BA to show some imagination and produce a quality video and indeed combining it with a change for good message. 

  • First Time First Class Flyer

    Jun 13, 2017, 10:04 AM

    Passed through Auckland Airport the other week and immigration was a breeze with electronic gates for those passports which can be electronically read. Baggage delivery prompt and customers bearable, even with having to have all incoming baggage x-rayed. If time is not of the essence too, Aucklan...

  • So far, so good on flights both in Australia and NZ. No different from like of Ryanair and Easyjet. Where they appear to let themselves down, is when things go wrong. Too many cancelled/delayed flights with customers treated poorly as a result. A QF gold card means nothing out of Napier, as no do...

  • QR will from Sydney, once the A380 starts flying there.

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