Which airline and route for flying first class between Melbourne and London?

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Which airline and route for flying first class between Melbourne and London?


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I'm looking to book x3 tickets from Melbourne to London. 

I've flown F on Qantas and Singapore numerous times but my two friends have only been out of the country a couple times. I want them to have a great experience. 

I'm considering: 

  • MEL > SIN > LHR (Qantas business, then BA First)
  • MEL > DXB > LHR (Mix of Qantas and Emirates, both First)
  • MEL > SIN > LHR (Singapore Airlines, Suites)

I don't have a personal preference either way. I'm slightly partial to the Qantas/BA split as I've never flown BA, but then it's not that much more expensive to go F on both legs via Dubai, on a Qantas/Emirates split. While I find the Emirates cabin quite vulgar, I know a lot of people are wow'ed by it. Singapore Airlines is a safe choice but a route I've done numerous times. Also worried that for a girls trip, the suites may be too isolated?

What do you think is a better experience for a first time F traveller?


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For the complete seemless luxury package I'd do Emirates a380 1a,2a,3a if you value a bit of privacy or 2a,e,& f if your need to see each other more of the time. Girls enjoy decent bathrooms, so the shower would be a real treat, the front and rear bars excellent ways to pass time. Vulgarity is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to interior decor, I think Emirates give you what you are paying so much for- I've never known anything wrong with ostentation. Lets face it, plenty of under whelming airlines charge the same and don't measure up anywhere near that quality to enjoy. I like the saying, 'Too much of a good thing is wonderful'.



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BA First aka business on steroids – it is great, may be better than any business (why you put Qantas business in front?), but I think that SQ suite is by far better.

Richard Brown

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A nice position to be in. Take a look at Etihad and Qatar Airways for something completely different. Limos included I believe as well.

Cathay Pacific is a safe option via Hong Kong, with great lounges.

As three of you are flying together and may wish to chat, consider whether you need an airline with a bar/lounge area (Emirates.Etihad and Qatar usually surpass here, especially if flying on an A380). 

BA is an interesting one. Nothing horribly wrong with the product, but nothing dramatically exciting too!  They are progressively taking the little niceties away from their services.

I have flown EK First a number of times and have felt a little hemmed in insde the suites. Quite often too much of the food is similar to their business class, though just plated differently. The first class bar, not brilliant for sacialising, so you need to leg it through business to the bar down the back.

The stopover airport too may be a factor in making your decision, depending whether you are flying straight through. Dubai can be chaotic with long walks and a train journey between terminals if unlucky, Hong Kong recently was a total joy and Singapore normally works well. Have not done Abu Dhabi and Doha recently, though lounges and indeed dedicated terminal appear impressive.

Richard Brown

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QR will from Sydney, once the A380 starts flying there.


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BA is pretty average in first, and their food etc is below par when compared to competitor airlines.  If you can do qantas/oneworld, why not look into Qantas/Emirates there and Cathay back (though they don't have a first between AU and HK.  Qatar is also an option via Sydney, and of course Etihad have probably the best product (on their A380s), and with the new Abu Dhabi first lounge, that will be quite amazing.

Can't comment on SG as I have not experienced it myself.


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Richard-- the bar and lounge factor hadn't even occured to me. Thanks for turning my mind to it. :)

Fatty-- thanks for the feedback on BA and the extra tick mark for Cathay Pacific!

Patricka-- I plan to try the Etihad aparments in Dec 17 with my mum for her 60th so I won't look at them for this girl's trip. Super excited about it though. If only it was *this* December.

Anyway, thanks so much guys! As a newbie, I was worried I wouldn't get much input. I really appreciate it. I haven't decided yet but at least I'm further along in the process. 


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The EK F product is a bit claustrophobic in my opinion and their food can be hit and miss. I do love QF and they're pretty consistent in service and food. The EK bar is appealing for a fun trip though so my recommendation would be QF to DXB then EK through to LHR. SQ is also excellent especially if you get the A350 or A380 and you won't go far wrong with them. 


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If you regularly fly QF/OneWorld then going QF would have some other benefits. Return QF to London all the way in F would get you to Gold status (you would need an additional two QF sectors but that could be a short domestic return trip) which would give you QANTAS Club domestic and International Business Lounge access till the end of your following membership year even on the cheapest QF/OneWorld economy tickets.

Though if you are paying for F international tickets you may fly J domestically anyway, so status might not be of much benefit to you.


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Etihad without a doubt.


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Any of the ME3 so long as one their A380 aircraft.  EK & EY offer the additional Chauffer transfer for origin and destination.  EK has a lot more connections in DXB for LHR/LGW so transit time can be controlled better.  The new EY F lounge in AUH is excellent.  EK has a better and easier baggage allowance to understand.


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Abu Dhabi airport is like a bus terminal and very often luggage gets lost there


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Have to agree that BA First really is a good business class product. You could do BA the whole way to try it out (they're usually cheaper) and this way you can use the QF First lounge in Sydney though it is an extra stop. For variety you can switch to their A380 in Singapore. Then maybe try Cathay coming home?  

I'd personally look at QF/oneworld for points and status credits though :) YMMV 


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EY would be my first choice. Excellent hard product, Emirates does not compare, having flown both in F this year on the a380. Singapore first class on any plane is always fab too. happy travels :)

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