• Ive flown with KLM a few times and, whilst they’ll never have the fancy factor of QR or the polish of SQ, they’re reliable, efficient and safe. Dutch efficiency definitely shines through but I’ve never had a bad flight with them. Bonus points for the lovely Delft gin houses! ...

  • If QF can genuinely pull off this kind of aircraft - with exercise or social spaces (ie room to move), innovations in seating and new viable routes, I’ll be impressed. I personally don’t mind a stopover but would do ULH in that kind of aircraft. Is it possible? We’ll see.

  • I can understand why the A380 doesn't work for some airlines and most routes but for my passenger money it's the best aircraft by far to fly on and it'll be a sad day for passengers when it is phased out. This is great news!

  • A long term Platinum member of my family was offered this in May for 100,000 points but declined as they're happy with Lifetime Gold. Not sure how many takers they'll get.

  • I think you're ignoring the fact that most people don't actually mind why it has been done, they're just happy it has happened. Logic suggests there is an element of QF realising consumers commonly prefer SIN.

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  • Unless it’s a contract fare, or a special partnership arrangement, the answer is almost always no. I have access to some special rates and occasionally contact travel agents just to see. Almost always, their rate is the same as through the airline and sometimes more.

  • Qantas Premium Call Centre

    Jun 07, 2018, 10:06 PM

    I’ve had no issues with the call centre. In relation to the mall, a lot of purchases lately have taken much longer than normal to be credited and I think qantas did send something about system maintenance and possible delays. Mine are dripping through slowly now

  • Not to my knowledge. I’ve used it on the QF 787

  • Plenty of good options but i'd probably go via Asia! Cathay are a good option - you can fly their nice new A359 out of MEL. They'll also recognise your QF status and so earn you points. QR is probably the other main oneworld option - A388 out of MEL and, I believe, B789 from DOH to FCO.If you're ...

  • Airbus A350 vs Boeing 787 Dreamliner

    Feb 20, 2018, 04:11 PM

    A380 every time. Not just because of room and atmosphere but ride comfort. I have flown mostly on A380s for a long time - a recent flight on the 787 showed a noticeable difference in ride comfort e.g. during turbulence, ascent and descent.

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