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Hi all, I am wondering if anyone else has had trouble with the premium frequent flyer service centre. I have had a number of troubles since their system "upgrade".

I am chasing multiple online mall point's along with point's and SC's from a couple of flight's and am going around in circles. I have made multiple phone calls, sent emails and even resorted to Twitter, all with no luck. A couple of times I have had helpful staff however you cannot email or phone anyone directly and they do not follow up with phone calls or emails as promised and you never speak to the same person twice. Therefore having to repeat your query over and over.

From what I can work out the call centre is NZ however the emails go to somewhere in Asia and responses to emails are very generic coming from a script which tells me that they are not reading my emails correctly and if they are they are not understanding them.

I am clearly forwarding the online mall aknowledgment email with the relevant receipt attached explaining that the points are missing. I am waiting 8-9 weeks following the purchase before sending them.

I have used the mall since its inception and only started having problems around April this year.

I have been platinum for 7yrs going into my 8th and have asked if there is anyone that I can escalate my concerns to however I am dismissed each time.

I started out being polite however I will admit my patience is being tested, I left Telstra a long time ago so its been awhile since I have experienced such infuriating customer service or a lack there of.


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I’ve had no issues with the call centre. In relation to the mall, a lot of purchases lately have taken much longer than normal to be credited and I think qantas did send something about system maintenance and possible delays. Mine are dripping through slowly now


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Whenever I call 131313 I get told there are technically difficulties and there will be a long wait. I am a platinum FF and use to through to premium but now get put on hold. Are other experiencing the same issues?

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