Yellow Fever Vaccination.

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Yellow Fever Vaccination.

Afternoon all. Do Australians traveling to Singapore for a holiday require a yellow fever vaccination to enter the country? The high commission in Canberra says "Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate, if applicable". Any feedback on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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been their 3 times, never needed one. It may depend on where you are coming from or have been in the last 12 months. Yellow fever is not endemic to Australia


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Its always best to check with the proper authorities on something like that. Check with the Singaporean High Commission to be totally sure.

Better to be safe than sorry on something like this.

That being said, i personally go there 6 times a year and have never been stopped.


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no you dont need - unless you have been to an endemic yellow fever country - which australia isnt


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Hi dls1976,

Good starting point is Australian Department of Health website. 

According to the website , the Yellow fever certificate is required for people who have travelled from the countries listed on that link.

The brand name available here in Australia is Stamaril, marketed by Sanofi Aventis. Have never seen a yellow fever vaccine in practice, but received a query for it once. From practice, it isn't easy to obtain here in Australia, and if you were to get one you would probably need to consult with medical clinic specialising in traveller's medicine.

Hope this helps. 


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I think the critical piece of information is the last 2 words...if applicable. The parts of the world where yellow fever is endemic or intermittently endemic are countries in Africa and Latin & South Amercia. Lists are available on the CDC website.


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Having had to obtain Yellow Fever when I went to Argentina, you do not need to have the vaccination when you are visiting a country such as Singapore. Singapore is also not an endemic country for yellow fever.

You only need to have had the vaccination, and associated certification, when returning from an endemic country in Africa and South America.

The same applies when entering Australia.

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