How clean is your seat, recent experience with AirAsia?

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How clean is your seat, recent experience with AirAsia?

Their have been a few articles with regards to this over recent months in the popular press. It came home in a personal fashion on an AirAsia flight from DPS to MEL in J recently. Woke up after 5 hours on board with insect bites around my wrists, as did my wife. Looked like bed bug bites to me, mightily itchy and a enduring memory of a forgettable flight!! Wondering if any other experiences from the forum, I had heard about a spider bite case going to court. Air Asia have yet to reply to me but I suppose this is par for the course with them?


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Had no issues with my recent D7 KUL-SYD flight (even had Empty Seat Option)

Albeit this is a different airline to XT (Indonesia Air Asia X) that you caught.



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It's not just low cost airlines. The cleanliness of seats and the cabin varies. When travelling in Business, I am known to request a hot towel from the crew to clean the window and the hard surfaces around me.

In Economy I travel with anti-bacterial wipes and give the windows, entertainment screen and armrest a good wipe down.

I try to clean up in the lavatory once I'm done and get the crew in to do a good wipe down if it is in a state before I get in.

Everyone has different standards of cleanliness - that's life. But my Roomba setting is always set on high and so is my tolerance level. Try not to be too precious and a good scrub down with soap and water for 20 seconds in-line with best practice should get rid of any germs and bacteria left on your hands. Life's too short to make too much drama over things like this.


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I  have never had a proble with AirAsia J on flghts from SYD-KUL and found their short hall flights to be fine and better than J-Star on most fronts. I guess you could have got a bad cabin as AirAsia Indonesia is the worst of the AA bunch. 


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I just got air asia flight from KL Malaysia. I also was covered in bites and seems to have followed me home. I am not sure if from the seat or Blanket they provided in sleeping seats. I was in 1 A, didn't have an issue before the flight.

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