Qantas A320 order.

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Qantas A320 order. Does anyone have any updates/changes to this order now Qantas is back in black? Are deliveries still on track for 2016? Just curious.


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The order is still in place but it is nominally all for Jetstar's Australian and Asian operations.  Of course, QF do have the option to use these aircraft within the mainline fleet, especially as they have ordered more NEOs than Jetstar will need in the short to medium term.  These would be replacements for the 737NGs instead of ordering 737MAXs. 

It is all possible though there are obvious training and HR issues to be considered particularly as it is unlikely any attempt to allow flight crew employed on Jetstar type contracts to fly mainline operations would go through unchallenged by unions etc.


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Would also think that with Qantas presently refurbing (and adding another row of seats) to all 67 of its Domestic 737s - and adding iPads and QStreaming to the older models (delivered from 2001) that these aircraft will see at least another 3-4 years service.

Not to say that Qantas won't get 320s in this time, just that they are more likely to be expansion aircraft.

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