Badgerys Creek - Hey all, what are your thoughts on Badgerys Creek Airport?

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Badgerys Creek -

Hey all, what are your thoughts on Badgerys Creek Airport?

Do you think it will be a LCC hub? Or do you think full service carriers will use it?

Do you see a seamless connection from the city?

Would you use the Airport?



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Well I think it's too early to put any opinions forth on this, whenever I hear about the airport, it just reminds of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport and how hyped it was with the best airport in Europe crap.

I do realise that I gave no real answer to your question and that I shouldn't be on the negative side of things and that I will probably get swarmed with dislikes, well history has told us that we shouldn't get too excited when it comes to infrastructure projects heavily influenced by politics and big money.

But if all goes to plan then yes I would like to use it if the transit is not as bad as SYD, and would love if the rail link does go to plan, it's a pain here in Melbourne not having a rail link.


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It doesn't really remind me of the Brandenburg hype. Badgery's Creek isn't supposed to replace SYD, and nobody is suggesting that it's going to be particularly big or grand to start with.

More like Avalon, which is a bit of a failure (unless you're going to Geelong [and can't afford a helicopter]) in which case it's great. On the other hand, at least Badgery's Creek is on the same side of the city as most of the sprawl, so it will definitely be more convenient for a reasonable number people. Most of whom just happen to be discount carrier pax anyway. So I can see it working just fine as a discount carrier hub.


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It's far too soon to really know or assume anything about the airport, however from international trends in outer city airports, I would have to assume it will be primarily LCC. 

There is talk of funding of the rail link, so I assume it will be conntected that way. 

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