Hi Everyone, I need to deposit some money (A$-Kuna) into a Croatian bank account.

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Hi Everyone, I need to deposit some money (A$-Kuna) into a Croatian bank account. Most banks only do Euro. Any ideas?


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Have you checked Commonwealth Bank? I have done international transactions with them and Croatia is listed as a country you can do an international transfer to, so I would assume this is in Kuna.

Perhaps call them to check? I have found that it can be difficult to get answers in a branch, so I would suggest calling in the first instance.

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Sam.  One thought! You could send the money over in AUD and let the Croatian Bank do the conversion for you. Main disadvantage is that you would have no control over the exchange rate, but if it is not an exact amount that is needed in Kuna, then this might not be a problem. I would guess too that you may get a better exchange rate by having the conversion undertaken in Croatia, as opposed to Australia


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Another possible alternative to think about: the possibility of using PayPal. You can pay in AUD $ via your credit / debit card and it is converted to desired currency, at a fair rate (check comparable rates for verification purposes on XE.com). Have used this service to occassionally transfer cash previously - works fast and well.


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I would do a little research before embarking on this.  I am aware from friends that there are all kinds of "Taxes" that are deducted upon receipt of overseas funds into banks in most places in the "Former Yugoslav Replublic". My advise is figure a different way.  If it is a one off, the "euro cash idea is best. If it is an ongoing business transaction, try contacting AFEX (Syd) as they do forex but simply deposit the money into a bank account. Even in China, there are no fees. We have used them for about 8 years.

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