Will Tiger fly to CBR again?

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Will Tiger fly to CBR again?


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IMHO & in one word, no. 

51% of canberrans are employed in the public sector & I'd think a higher percentage of seats sold to/from CBR are public sector business flights. 

With the 'lowest available fare' policies, both VA & QF would you prefer you flyers Ng on mainline carriers, not their respective LCC's.

Add 'brand loyalty' & lounge access & I don't see Tiger or Jetstar in CBR anytime soon. 

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Why on earth would they?


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I doubt it but I see your point. 

Most of the CBR traffic would be business travel and I think the market that you'd be playing at by bringing in a budget carrier to put downward pressure on some of the expensive flights, (which is I think the major benefit of having an LCC in the mix here,) is too small.

But I have heard from some of my friends in capital city that they do over charge from time to time.


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Overcharge is a understatement.

For the xmas period for example, the cheapest Fare Canberra-Melbourne on either VA/QF is $160 odd...$320 return for a 45 mins flight. It is significantly cheaper to catch the bus to Sydney and fly Sydney-Melbourne (that is if you are not in a hurry).

I think Tiger or Jetstar would do very well with flights for the weekend period (Fri-Sun). Leave the rest of the week to QF/VA?

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