• Increased angle could have certification impacts/challenges (as VA discovered when they increased the angle of 'The Business' on their B777s)

  • Agree with Gold4Life - There should also be a slew of 737 rated flight crew (and hopefully still current rated) available that REX should be able to recruit at short notice

  • A 777 on a 4-5hr leg would be expensive. A lot of fuselage weight to haul for a short flight, which is why single aisle aircraft are more popular with the bean counters. I'm going to miss 'The Business' on the Transcon A330's.

  • I have the same question! Removing the ATR fleet will likely have a significant impact on the frequency of CBR services.Does anyone know if VARA will be retained to operate the ATRs and F100 fleet for FIFO?

  • I think your experience and observations last week may well have been skewed. I would suspect/guess that a lot of the passengers on your flights last week are 'seasoned regulars' who had a clear necessity to travel last while while the country is still returning from COVID restrictions. I agree...

  • Virgin Departing Canberra

    Nov 20, 2020, 12:56 PM

    With interim ACCC approval for Virgin to co-operate with Alliance on routes including Canberra-Sydney, Canberra-Melbourne & Canberra-Adelaide, that doesn't leave many Canberra routes for Virgin-proper to operate (Canberra-Brisbane being the main one).With Virgin also announcing this week that...

  • I've flown both 5K & 1D.Would definitely take 5K. Toilet noise isn't too bad.IMO 1D/1F has a bigger downside - the isle narrows in front of 1D/1F & your seat feels more exposed & much less private compared to all of the other seats.

  • Changi T3 Silverkris Lounge

    Jan 03, 2020, 08:57 AM

    In October I used both the T3 & T2 KrisFlyer lounges. Both can get super crowded but T3 is better.

  • Hi Soon,To clarify my post, it was to CBR-SIN-HKT (not BKK).Double checking my KrisFlyer statement, each business class seat (each way) cost 58,000 KrisFlyer points, equivalent to 89,900 Velocity points.

  • 2 suggestions:1) Depending on your intended European arrival port, try to prioritise Singapore Airlines over Etihad, as Etihad have some pretty ugly (steep) reward seat surcharges, $205USD per sector per passenger for Business Class.2) If the VA website isn't showing you many SQ reward seats, run...