I need the brains trust here.

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I need the brains trust here... Trying to book family of 4 to Europe mid year. Happy to pay economy & use points to upgrade HOWEVER Velocity only upgrade to Abu Dhabi and that route is out from April to 26 July. I have 260k Velocity, my husband 180k and AMEX that can be converted over at 370k. I'm thinking upgrading using Velocity is not going to work...

So, am thinking about converting points to KrisFlyer miles and the AMEX ones over too. Anyone had much luck in using Kris Flyer to upgrade?

Or has anyone got any other solutions? Happy to go PE, but options are limited anyway. AMEX points are the wildcard in that they convert to anything.

Would appreciate any help or advice.



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Of course the best way would be to book classic award, so you will be guaranteed to fly business. However you have to be flexible, check availability daily and you may be lucky. With such amount of points I would try to postpone buying tickets and I would try to get classic award up to say 6 weeks before departure. Remember and be prepared that you may book it partially – i.e. only some people.

If you will not be able to secure classic award 6 or so weeks before departure you have to buy tickets. BUY SEPARATE TICKETS! Under no circumstances you will be able to upgrade all of you on the same tickets. If it unsuitable (i.e. you do not like to travel on different planes and/or in different cabins, then forget all upgrade and buy best tickets that you can afford. FYI Finnair charge 2.5K or so BKK-Europe and back in business. You may be able to buy separate award tickets to BKK or even fly there with Jetstar.

Good Luck

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