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  • I tried to do this.  You can't transfer them (I had them via a credit card but I have Gold so I get in anyway), and they just go to waste.  I rang the customer service center to see if I could transfer.  Bit of a waste hey?

  • I need the brains trust here.

    Jan 04, 2016, 01:09 PM

    I need the brains trust here... Trying to book family of 4 to Europe mid year. Happy to pay economy & use points to upgrade HOWEVER Velocity only upgrade to Abu Dhabi and that route is out from April to 26 July. I have 260k Velocity, my husband 180k and AMEX that can be converted over at 37...

  • Can anyone tell me if there are hairdryers in the Etihad Business Class lounge in Abu Dhabi? Will be desperate for a shower by then, and just want to know if I can avoid lugging my hairdryer in my luggage. Thanks!

  • Crazy isn't it?  And the luggage holding service is not the cheapest either.

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