Can someone please confirm ANA A380 order.

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Can someone please confirm ANA A380 order. Sources say they have ordered 3 of the aircraft to be deployed to ports in Hawaii. I know this is good news for Airbus as this is their first A380 order in 2 years but does this mean that there is a less likely chance of an A380neo program beginning as they might think there are still more A380 customers out there? Although ANA ordered 3 of the aircraft, personally I think they should still go ahead with A380neo and will get a promised new order by Emirates and most probably other airlines as well.


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The only people who can confirm the reported order of three Airbus A380s for ANA would be Airbus and ANA, and until now both have declined to comment. So this is still 'unconfirmed'.


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As David points out, this is NOT yet a confirmed order. However, the speculation has been 'legitamised' by both independent Bloomberg and Nikkei published reports. Although, no confirmation or comment has been forthcoming from either Airbus or ANA as yet.

Part of the reason that this is of so much interest is that it would represent the first A380 order in approx 27 months. There is speculation that these will not necessarily be 'new' builds from Airbus, but may possibly be fulfilled by the Skymark whitetails - but that is conjecture until a confirmation is issued.

ANA took a 16% interest in Skymark during the latter's Bankruptcy proceedings and there is also much speculation over Skymark's HND slots. Needless to say, it will be fascinating to see the formal announcement when it arrives.

Should the above pan out - as many suggest it will - it may (in the long term) lead ANA to re-assess their need for the A380 in other parts of their network. I would be looking towards seeing something finite on that aspect - before trying to theorize on whether CEO's or NEO's are forthcoming .. yada yada yada. And as we all know, Airbus has not yet announced whether the A380-800NEO is to proceed.


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And I think its also worth stating that press said that Airbus was Skymark's biggest creditor, and were preferring the ANA stake route as part of an overall package (which seemingly involves ANA taking the Symark bluetails (they are actually blue) of which I believe there are two)


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If we are talking about ex SkyMark Frames, I believe United were in talks talks last year with Airbus to acquire a few A380's. Hard to believe I know but looks like nothing come of it.


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Worth noting that the annual Airbus start-of-year presser will be held next Tuesday January 12 – maybe a perfect time to announce ANA as the newest A380 customer?

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