Which frequent flyer scheme: Etihad or Virgin Australia?

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Etihad or VA?

I am flying to Europe with family later this year on paid business class tickets on Etihad. We are neither Etihad or Virgin members. I am a QF platinum, wife Gold. We don't intend on flying to Europe too often. Most of our flying is to US, NZ & Asia & domestic. Would probably redeem points for travel to NZ or Asia for family holiday. Which FF program do you think is better to join: Etihad or Virgin?



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looking at your destinations i would say Virgin Australia. 

I have been EY for long time and decided to stay so as i do travel to Europe a lot. 


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If you live here, VA would be a better choice as you can use it for your US, NZ trips. Trips to Asia on Singapore will get you VA points and status credits. I'm VA Platinum and QF Gold. Gives me benefits from both sides. If you are flying business with EY, you will be treated well whether you belong to their program or not. If you have a choice, VA would be a better bet (IMHO).

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If you are flying EY to Europe, you will most likely transit through AUH on both the outbound and inbound legs.  If your legs to /from Europe from AUH are codeshare (e.g., AUH -> FCO on Alitalia metal) you will not get points from a VA FF number.  You will only get VA points on flights with an EY flight number on EY metal.

Some of the EY partners offer very good miles for Etihad Guest members (e.g. 300% for J class on AZ) and EY guest points can be redeemed for VA flights.  The OP mentioned it was a family trip so if EY Guest accounts were setup for all family members with family pooling, that may net a substantial number of points.

Guess there's a bit of math to do here as to what provides the better outcome.  Of course if it is EY metal all the way, I agree with the other comments ... VA is likely going to suit you better.


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Virgin, without doubt. Just because you can transfer your points to Singapore

Andrew Barkery

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Not forgetting you can use EY and keep your EY account alive by buying groceries with Coles, and using Coles's Flybuys to keep EY account alive, you even get some EY SC from your Coles purchase.

You can fly EY from Aust to AUH to the US, if fares are good.

EY has no liaison with QF though, ...

Side note, no way of keeping VA account alive with Flybuys, but you can your VA account alive by buying things from the VA store, or if not in WA, changing your electricity account to Lumo Energy, 6 points per $1 spent, which a good return. 

These are just the mumbling of a senile pooch.

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