I'm travelling on United domestic in economy class.

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I'm travelling on United domestic in economy class. Since I'm coming off a QF international flight with free baggage, does that mean I still get the same baggage allowance free of charge? Also, if I have Star Alliance Gold, how much luggage will United let me check in?


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If your domestic sector has been issued using the same fare as your international sector you will have the same baggage allowance as your international. As QF and UA are not (usually) partners I doubt this is the case. Sadly even if your UA flight appears on the same eTicket receipt as your QF flight the baggage allowances may be different. 

I'd pursue extra baggage using your Gold status as star alliance's website states -

"EXTRA BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE You can take an extra 20 kg (44 pounds) where the weight concept applies or an extra piece where the piece concept applies. Note that some airlines do not offer this benefit on individual flights but only on connecting Star Alliance flights. For travel within Europe on “Light” fares offered by Lufthansa, Austrian & SWISS and “Check&Go” fares offered by Brussels Airlines, the extra baggage allowance will not be offered."

Good luck :)


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United Airlines 'Checked Baggage" page confirms that Star Alliance Gold get 1st piece for free on US domestic. 2nd piece is $35USD


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If there on the same ticket booked at the same time then the Qantas Baggage allowance automatically applies to all the flight provided the journey is somewhere in the US (I'm guessing your transferring at LAX)

If not bags may be able to be checked through by Qantas but you may need to pay Qantas who will pass it on to United or Pay United at the Boarding Gate for the Bag.

Also note that if you are traveling SYD-LAX-SFO with the final LAX-SFO flight on united you will need to collect your luggage in LAX and recheck it anyway so through checking the bag won't really help in this situation. 

(THIS IS WITH NO STATUS) On United Airlines if you have no status you will need to pay $25 for the first bag and then $35 for the second bag and any bag after that is charged at $150 per bag. Bags can only weigh up to 23kg before overweight charges apply.

(THIS IS WITH Star Alliance Gold STATUS) The First Bag weighing up to 23kg is free and then second bag is $35 and any bag after that is charged at $150 per bag. Bags can only weigh up to 23kg before overweight charges apply.

 If your bag is over 23kg then united will charge a overweight charge on top of the bag charge its self. For anything weighing 24kg-32kg the overweight charge is $100 per bag and anything over 32kg is $200 extra per bag with the max weight per bag being 45kg.


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Off the QF site:

Note for USA and Canada: Under USA and Canadian regulations, if your ultimate ticketed origin or destination is within the USA or Canada, the airline whose flight number appears for the first flight on your ticket will determine whether its baggage rules or another airline's baggage rules will apply to all the flights in your itinerary. For travel between Australia and the USA, usually (but not always) Qantas' baggage rules will apply. However, please note that any additional allowance for Qantas Frequent Flyers or Qantas Club members applies only to the flights specified above.

The above assumes you are booked on a single ticket... if you are on seperate tickets, then you will need to recheck your bags in the usa and pay united's domestic baggage fee.


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JA .. the real question to be answered here is whether your United sector(s) are booked on the international QF ticket or whether they have been booked seperately?


If your UA sectors have been booked on your QF travel as a complete itinerary, then you will have no problems. - The USA DoT regulations state that the predominant carrier's baggage rules (in this case QF) will apply for all travel (which includes UA sectors).

- Note also that baggage rules between Australia and the Americas are based on the PIECE system, so baseline in Y, you will have an allowance of 2 pieces of luggage at 23kg / 50lb per piece on the entire itinerary.

- Contrary to a remark above, Qantas does in fact provide some UA booking sectors on the QF Res inventory .. and QF also has an interline agreement with UA (which includes the handling of luggage).


If your UA sectors have been seperately booked, then you are exposed to the WEIGHT (rather than PIECE) regulations for all USA domestic travel and normal carrier luggage check requirements for the seperate ticket ie: class / fare / fare bucket etc. That is where your GOLD UA status can come into play, to avoid or lessen luggage charges.

However, there is ONE over-riding point that will apply if you are connecting from or to International:

- USA DoT Regulations state that if the above situation occurs (ie: seperate international and USA domestic tickets are involved) that if you are connecting to/from a domestic USA flight - from/to int'nl) within the SAME day ie: prior to 24:00/midnight, then the international allowance is applicable.

- This is also defined in the Baggage Allowance data both on the QF website and also in your e-ticket

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