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Asiana Airlines. Hi all I am looking at a flight from Singapore to Chicago, and looks like best way to get their is via Singapore Airlines which uses Asiana Airlines for the flight from Seoul to Chicago. Having not flown Asiana Airlines before, interested in peoples opinion. Will be flying economy class


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Despite the OZ214 incident in 2013, I thought I’d give OZ a try in view of repeated Skytrax accolades. I flew OZ SYD/ICN rtn in B777 Y-class last year, so can’t speak directly of the route you’ve mentioned.   However, I was underwhelmed; seat pan cushioning thin and lack of lumbar support, IFE monitor size varied - 10.6 inch o/bound and 6.5 inch inbound, seat pitch ok for Y. Service was no better or worse than when I flew KA a couple of years previous; polite and efficient.  IMO one inflight aspect where OZ was better than KA in Y-class was that the OZ Bimibap tasted better!

What coloured my view of OZ was that a month or two before I was due to depart they rang me to say my outbound flight had been cancelled.  I could depart the day before my scheduled date or day after; I chose the day before and even though I had to pay for an extra day’s accommodation I turned it into a positive by thinking it would be give me an extra day to wander around Seoul (which I think is a great place to visit).  However, a few weeks later OZ rang again to say my return flight had also been cancelled and once again I could depart the day before my scheduled date or day after! As I could not leave a day earlier because I was attending a conference, I had to spend one further extra day in Seoul. At this juncture I was not willing to pay an extra night’s accommodation and expressed my annoyance - politely. After some toing and froing involving a number of calls and emails, OZ agreed to pay for the night’s accommodation.

I’m guessing SQ metal is a lot more expensive, but IMO (admittedly biased my experience) I'd consider a different operator.

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