Qantas First Class DFW-SYD return.

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Qantas First Class DFW-SYD return.

Hi Guys, I'm flying DFW-SYD in a couple of weeks for the first time. Would love some hints and tips from seasoned travelers of how to maximise my experience...?!


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Hello Pab, it's a pleasent experience with one exception IMHO.

Avoid the middle seat at the very back of the Firsh Class cabin (maybe 5k from memory, but check). There is some kind of machine behind the bulkhead there which makes a most annoying 'whirring' sound - very disruptive to a good sleep. 

QF First Lounge in Dallas is not that flash (need to ask for spirits) if that's your tipple.

Food on teh A380 from USA - Oz is also not so good as when on the Sydney to Dallas route (being an evening departure I guess) and not sourced out of Rockpool in Sydney.  

It really is the best Airline food in the World on the Sydney departure to Dallas. Love that!

I used  to do First on SYD-DFW and then slum it in Business class on the return for the reasons outlined above. I've recetnly jumped ship to do Perth-Aukland-Houston with AirNZ after falling out of love with Qantas.

But QF A380 is still a nice experience. Enjoy.


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Enjoy the F lounge

Seat 2a or 3a

way out better than return, I agree, on my last return they left some of the grog for the F cabin in DFW so half the wines not available and no cognac!

Amex lounge in DFW better than the qf "lounge" which is useless

overall really good experience

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