Virgin Australia 'The Business'

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Virgin Australia 'The Business'

I flew on Virgin’s new ‘The Business’ over the weekend to Perth and back, which I’d really been looking forward to.

It was a great trip overall. But I couldn’t help thinking that Virgin have been cutting back more and more on certain things.

At the lounge, the ‘champagne’ has been changed to less than $10 Grandin, which is really ordinary. What happened to the Grant Burge??

On board most of the wines would have been lucky to break the $15 a bottle mark. The Kapuka Pinot Noir is downright awful!

The amenities packs have been significantly downgraded to the point where there’s almost nothing in them.

The food itself has really dropped in standard too.

Has anyone else found this at the moment with Virgin in business?? The hard product and service are outstanding, but it’s all the other things that really let it down atm.


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I found the food and wine to be similar to the previous business class and no different to the “business” upgrade. I usually stick to the scotch anyway.

I also presume you flew a late flight since amenities pack are no longer given on earlier flights. I often fly SYD to PER or the 7pm flight and have never received a pack.

It’s my understanding the amenities packs are only for red eye flights, however they don’t provide a full dinner service, only the express service and mattress overlays are provide unlike earlier flight since most people want to sleep.


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I regulary fly buisness class on VA and have noticed that there has been a signficant drop in the food choices and offering. For example I flew SYD - MEL - ADL and then back to SYD from ADL. On all the flights the same meal choices were avaiable. When I asked the CS about the meals they advised me the same meals have been avaiable for almost 2 weeks!!! I would think that VA would at least have a few rotations to ensure that J pax would get something different.

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