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  • If I can’t fit mine then I wear it around my neck till I get onboard then they go on my head or storage. Just needed to take them off for security and never had a problem. I do it almost every flight.

  • QF652 red eye PER - BNE

    Feb 07, 2018, 04:02 PM

    I did this a few weeks ago on a VA flight PER to BNE. The baggage is left on the belt until collected, or as mentioned above it is removed later. I spent just shy of an hour in the lounge and my baggage was still on the belt. I was told that staff usually look at the baggage tags and if it&rsq...

  • Best to ring them and ask. When this happened to me a few years ago when I moved to VA, I started to get emails and letters from Qantas asking if I would like to re-join and they would remove the joining fee if I did.

  • Velocity Points Updates

    Dec 19, 2017, 04:06 PM

    It’s best to call them. I did the online form in my account on the Velocity website twice. It was ignored/overlooked both times, so I rang them and it was confirmed and added within 10 minutes.

  • Originally Posted by ChrisCh : Hi Delly, which radio station was this, and in which city? Chris, it was on 6PR in Perth.

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