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Transporting Beer.

I would like to transport a case of craft beer over to London by plane. Weight/luggage restrictions are not an issue, but I would prefer to keep the case of beer together rather than breaking it down into bottles and bringing another bag. Any suggestions/tips on the best way to do this and minimise breakage?

Richard Brown

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Freight forwarder or courier service, rather than take it yourself.

Alternatively, simply check in a very well packed box, as part of your luggage allowance, though be prepared to have it opened by customs on arrival in UK. Have always found boxes provided by DHL to be very good, with masses of polysterene padding.


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Thanks Richard. I was thinking ploystyrene box was the best way to go. Would prefer to take it myself as the couriers are pretty pricey! Luggage weight/pieces won't be an issue. 



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Pack it well and ask them at check-in to put “fragile” sticker.

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