Anyone had trouble transferring KrisFlyer miles to Virgin Australia?

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Anyone had trouble transferring KrisFlyer miles to Virgin Australia?

Right now I'm trying to transfer my KrisFlyer miles to VA before they expire. I log into KrisFlyer, select Partner Programs, select that I want to link my account to Virgin Australia and put in my Velocity number, and I get the nonsensical error message "Enter a valid promo code".

Anyone done this with more success?


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Hi Hugo, I absolutely had this trouble as well and after a few months, solved it once and for all last night!

Actually, I'm not sure I solved this issue but got the solution I was after, ie. transferring my points across to Virgin. This came about through multiple emails to Krisflyer - they were helpful each time. First up they fixed the error, then helped me link the accounts, then finally they had to actually complete the transfer for me as I couldn't get that to work either, even once all linked up!

So, my advice would be to email them with all details - hopefully they can sort it. No idea if it was linked to having signed up to the 5000pts promo some time back? All the best.

Rod H

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If you follow these steps it should work well , it does for me .

1. Login to your Kris Flyer account and go to " profile- Partner Programmes

2 You must link hte accounts by: Select Airline Partner - and VA Velocity from the dropdown lists, key in your Velocity # . When that''s done select " link " and your accounts will then be linked.

3. Convert Kris miles to points by: Go to miles - How to use -select VA -- Velocity /under other redemption offers  Enter the number of miles you want to convert or the number of Velocity points you want to get.

4. For every 1.35 miles you get 1 velocity point which is not all that good but that's what you get and you must xfer a min. of 5000 miles.

The most important step is the linking of the accounts so make sure you do it correctly.

Hope this helps and it does work for me. Also you can xfer Velocity into Kris Miles .


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Agree with Rod - you have to get the links set up correctly.  I had no problems transferring my points over

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