Aisle/window on QF A380 business?

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Aisle/window on QF A380 business? Hello all, I would like to call on the collective wisdom of AUSBT. I’m flying on QF10 from LHR to MEL in business. I’m QF platinum, so I have a seat in the front cabin (12k) next to the window. I have someone sitting next to me in the aisle all the way. The flight looks fairly full, so I suspect the business cabin will be full. There 12e seat is available. What are people thoughts in relation to a window seat with its extra privacy and storage compared to the middle aisle seat where you have access to the aisle with no-one stepping over you? Bit of a first-world problem, I know. Thanks.


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Well at least that person won't be climbing over you. I cant stand Business class seats side by side, every seat should have direct isle access.


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A points upgrade to F could get you a window seat with direct aisle access. 


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You've got a nice seat in 12K. In my experience of 12k it's not such a big deal - just time toilet runs and walkabouts to when your neighbour has got up.  All depends if you enjoy looking at clouds or the ground during your trip.  One other thing, it is well worth using the 40k-50k  ff points to upgade to First Class on these long haul A380 flights. As a  Platinum you're probably 99% sure to get the First class seat.  A much better propostion! 


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I personally prefer the middle aisles, E and F. No one to climb over , or be climbed over.


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1. If you've got 60,000 Qantas points then consider applying for an upgrade to first class – in terms of value, it's one of the best ways to use your points (considering this is all the way from Melbourne to London).

2. Otherwise, as much as I used to love window seats (especially for the bin under the window), these days I go for a seat in the middle pair, because I don't have to climb over anybody to get in and out of my seat, and nobody has to climb over me.

3. Also have a look at this article for some other tips on good business class seats on the Qantas A380.


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Thanks David - and everyone else. Great minds think alike - so I had already applied for an upgrade to First. If DrGMarshall is correct, I stand a good chance. I have never done first, so look forward to it. In relation to window/aisle, it sounds like it comes down to presonal preference. Might go the aisle. 


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100% with cdinoz :)



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IMHO window, hands down.

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