Honeymooning to the US next March.

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Honeymooning to the US next March. Would you recommend these hotels, or have any experiences or suggestions? San Fran - Omni Hotel, Signature Room. Vegas - Bellagio, Bellagio Suite. LA - Four Seasons Beverley Wilshire, BW Studio.


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Go for the JW Marriott just off Union Square in  San Francisco - more central to shops/restaurants and the view from the executive lounge is brilliant.  We considered the Omni but as its based in the financial district it would go very quiet in the evenings/weekends.

For Vegas I'd actually go for the Cosmo than the Bellagio.  The Bellagio is a brilliant hotel to visit but the 10 minute walk from front door to your hotel room was knackering especially as you do a lot of walking in Vegas.  The Cosmo have balcony's too which means you get some fresh air rather than this sterile sealed room in the Bellagio.  Make sure you get a lake view though so you can watch the fountain show at the Bellagio.

Having been to LA twice now on holiday I'd avoid it like the plague!


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I'm not a Vegas fan, despire many many trips there! I've stayed at most of the upmarket hotels there, and a few of the less classy ones (!), and would agree with Nequine above – Bellago is superb but like so many of the casinos, you are funnelled through the gaming area to get to your room, I find that pretyt off-putting! It is a lovely hotel, most of the big five-star ones are – and yes, great water show! Checked out Cosmo a few trips back and was pretty knocked out, it's one of the newest and the 'theme' (they all have some sort of theme) is contemporary chic, albeit bordering on bling overload.

Los Angeles: have only been there a few times and can't recommend anything much.

San Francisco: one of my favourite cities! Omni is pretty sweet but yes, it's down in the Financial District rather than being closer to the heart of things at Union Square, so it's very out of the way. That said, FD is a lot quieter in (late) evenings than Union Square. For being closer to Union Square consider Taj, or on Market Street the Four Seasons, or the Westin on 3rd... avoid the Marriott on 4th and Hilton Union Square (which isn't really on Union Square anyway), as they're both more 'convention hotels' with little if any character in the rooms and in general. The Clift is another 'hip' hotel but also a little bit out of the way.


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My two cents on Vegas. I was in Vegas for a week last year and attended the 2012 CES, over the week I stayed at 3 different hotels - Mandarin Oriental, Encore, and Tropicana.

Hands down is the Encore, its at the top of the strip. I would definately stay at there again on my next visit. The Wynn/Encore Casino is the best (IMO) of all the Vegas casinos. Steve Wynn knows how to run a classy casino.

Depending how long you are staying in Vegas, I would recommend you switch hotels too, as it will give you a totally different perspective of the strip. There are a million ways to get a cheap Vegas hotel, one is to sign-up to their loyalty program on-line and wait for an email offer.

Side note - take the helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon too. Pricey - but totally memorable, and amazing views.

Hope that helps, cheers


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Hi, for LA - I recommend the new Shore Hotel in Santa Monica beach. Its awesome and close to LAX.


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