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Thanks to AusBT.

Not really a question, just a thank you for the work put into this site. My codeshare QF/AA flights in the US were cancelled twice on account of the disputes over there. But the US call centre was unhelpful, refused to rebook as they "officially" were still scheduled, despite showing evidence from flightaware etc. Back to AusBT to check the travel hacks phone numbers, looked up the skype tips page, re-read that Ronald Reagan might be a better airport for departures than Dulles, and a quick check of best seating positions - a phone call to the Australian QFF centre, and Scott (thanks mate!) got me on another flight within 5 minutes, and new itinerary in my inbox 5 minutes after that.

I could have googled all of this, but such a relief to have all this info on this site while it's 10pm trying to rejig the next day's flights. Cheers and thanks to this community keep it going


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Thanks for getting back to us to share that story, Ozkid, and glad those articles were able to help you get those travel woes sorted! I had a similar instance many years ago, trying to find a Qantas number which I could dial through Skype, from where I learend that trick but All credit goes to our globe-trotting journalist John for pulling that whole article together along with his solid hands-on knowledge of the aviation scene!

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