Any thoughts on the NZ-CX tie-up for AKL-HKG and NZ's axing of HKG-LHR?

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Any thoughts on the NZ-CX tie-up for AKL-HKG and NZ's axing of HKG-LHR? Particularly interested in knowing if CX club members will receiving club mileage for AKL-HKG flown on NZ metal, albeit with a CX codeshare flight number.

Any AusBT coverage of this?


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Hi LHRBNE, we chose not to cover this story when it came out a few days ago, mainly because we try to focus on topics of impact & interest to our core audience of Australian travellers as well as that at the time we were too flat out with other work to turn this one around in a timely manner for 'news', so it came down to not being an 'A' priority.


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I was considering burning some of my velocity points from SYD-HKG with Virgin Atlantic, then transferring onto the ANZ flight through to LHR in J or Y+. Their prices were very cheap on that leg compared to others - and I could still earn a decent amount of points/status that way. Glad I didn't do it now!


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Totally understandable. The opening of the InterContinental Westminister was far more important news that day


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That was actually a light story we already had in the can, written several days prior, so it had no impact on the AirNZ/CX story and our decision not to cover it.

We weigh up every story that crosses out desk on impact/interest as well as several other factors, including our time on that day. And not every story is worthy of running up, for any number of reasons. John and I briefly compared notes on this one and agree that it wasn't a go-er. Just because it's about aviation, or even aviation in NZ, doesn't make it right for AusBT. (But with regard to a hotel in London, I'd suggest the number of Australians who visit to London woud be a lot higher than the number of Australians who fly with AirNZ from Auckland to London via HK.)


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I completely get it; I figured that was the case anyway because it was, essentially, a Kiwi issue. It just happens to be that I might start routing some of my Aus-HK travel through AKL in the coming months so I had some heightened personal interest (which, depending on how the tie-up goes, makes flying AKL-HKG a lot more attractive proposition since CX refuse to upgrade their A340s with the new Y and J product).

Hell, now that I know about the IC Westminster I think I'll pop in next time I'm along Whitehall! So thanks for that one ;) 


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aklrunway, if you want a website that covers everything about Air New Zealand and NZ aviation then why not start your own or offer to write NZ stories for free for AusBT?


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I read about the NZ/CX tie up on the Travel Daily. Paid subscription so there’s another option AKLRUNWAY. Keep up the great fantastic free news AUSBT

PS I’m also a kiwi sorry Cuz Kia kaha


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I think the fantastic thing about this website/forum is that even if stories are not covered by the AusBT reporters, comments by users allow for those stories people consider important to rise to the surface.

Essentially we get as much as we put in. Let's not be passive and wait for stories to be drip fed to us.


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one word ANNOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why Air New there is no airline circumnavigating the globe!.....grrrr Rob Fyfe, WHY!!!!!!!!!!


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I think competition had a lot to do with it, and also given that neither Hong Kong nor London is a hub city for any Star Alliance carriers.

On the HKG-LHR route alone they were competing against Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Cathay Pacific. These are all great products, especially in business class.

In terms of connecting traffic through Asia to London, not only are they competing with Cathay but also Singapore Airlines, Thai, Asiana, Korean Air, Malaysian, ANA, JAL, etc. All these have equal or better products than what AirNZ can or will offer.

Compare this to the LAX-LHR were they have even more competitors, only VS & BA are 'equals' and with AA & UA flying with a lesser product. There's also more feed in LAX as its a hub for United.


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And another service goes, disappointing to hear as the service was very popular but just not profitable for Air NZ. It goes to show just how tough tough and volatile the airline industry is now.  Its also another good example of how airlines from competing alliances form their own marketing/codeshare agreement.

There were several problems with the route, similar to why QF couldnt make it work (and it is a one world carrier flying between one world hubs).  It was a once daily service with the wrong departure time out of Hong Kong to London, so it was not capturing the premium corporate market, and  relied primarily on low yield leisure/VFR traffic.  Load factors were strong on the service, the margin just was not there

It could not compete with the 4 x daily CX, 3 x daily BA and the Virgin flight (which had the right schedule and very high profile in HKG and the UK markets), plus the extremely high fees involved with flying across Russian airspace.

LHR not a  prime star alliance hub was not the issue, and LHR might not be FRA, MUC or ORD etc, but it gets it own Star Aliance terminal in 2013/14 with approximately 30 gates, more UA flights a day then FRA, 15 x AC flights, 20+ LH, 10 + LX, 10 + SK, along with multiple flights with TK A3 TG SQ OS and dailys with NH OZ CA NZ so it is used heavily by the star alliance carriers to feed traffic between each other

NZ's AKL LAX LHR does very well - and ideally they would look at taking the LAX LHR to double daily as they capture a lot of regular premium traffic on that route, but the HKG slots would not work for LAX.  


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I think it is as simple as:

The quickest way to europe is via LAX the only airline to fly AKL-LAX is ANZ if you are in hurry you stay on the same airline.

On the route via Asia ANZ has heaps of competition even though it's 3-4 hours longer flying time.

Most Kiwis want to get to LHR as quickly as possible anf that is ANZ for the Aussie the quickest way is via Asia.

Oh and UA flying their on hardware to AKL..!


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I suprised this wasnt covered Austbt. I always enjoy your content as its focused in this region.

I  understand that this website is for AUST but believe me there are allot of NZ readers.  Spread your ANZAC wings.



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Hi scoffee. As mentioned earlier, like all potential stories this comes down to the issue of allocating time/resources against our primary focus, traffic and other considerations. If it was as simple as just "spreading our wings" we'd have done that a long time ago. Every story has to be judged on its merits and in this instance this story simply didn't make the cut at the time.

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