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Hello Travellers, the line which I am enquiring about is the T2 line (Airport line). I have found out it departs south from platform 23 at Central, I want to go to Green Square station. My question is, does it start from Central, or can I get it further north at Town Hall? Thanks.


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You can grab it at Town Hall (Platform 6), but it then moves through Wynyard/Circular Key/St James/Museum before arriving at Central (Platform 23). Green Square is the next stop.

Alternatively, you could catch a train between Town Hall and Central and then just change to Platform 23. Central has elevators for those with luggage on each suburban platform pair.

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I would go from Town Hall to Central as well (any service that shows the next stop is Central). Make sure you sit towards the front of the train (in the direction of travel) as you'll be able to use the South Concourse to transfer to platform 23 - it is usually less crowded as most people head towards the primary stairs to exit. 


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You could also just walk from Town Hall Station to Museum station, it takes about 3 minutes. Then catch the airtrain from Museum to Green Square, no transfer required. 

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