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The new-look Qantas Brisbane International Lounge – a combined 'premium lounge' with replaces the previous first class and business class lounges – will open to the public on the morning of Thursday October 20, 2016 for business class travellers, Qantas Gold and Platinum frequent flyers and their OneWorld Sapphire and Emerald equivalents, along with Qantas Club members. You can read a little more about the lounge (and see some first photos) in this article, and discuss the new lounge right here.


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thanks for organising for the community members to be involved - and apologies you were deep in conversation when I left so I didn't interrupt. 


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I really wish Qantas would have at least a walled off section for P,P1 pax in these new lounges. Sitting around hoards of people with or without screaming kids isn't lots of fun(less so in flight). I know that a walled off section for P or P1 doesn't guarantee its kids free but most times it does. Recently sat near a man who upgraded his family of 4 girls, all under 10, to J using points. Not only were the kids intolerable in the lounge the flight was a disaster. Not sure what benefit he had hoped to derive for he and his wife when they both spent the 9 hours feeding, fussing and playing withe their daughters...they didn't get a minute to enjoy the seat or service. Waste of points?

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