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OK, we bought ticket for someone from overseas to fly to Australia. However on Turkish Airlines website upon finalizing sale they said that person should show credit card that ticket was purchased by upon registration. Obviously we cannot show the card on registration and it obviously on my name, not on name of the pax. We going to call Turkish Airlines and ask what to do, but my question is - did anyone was in such situation (i.e. when they asking for CC at registration and it was impossible to show it) and what was outcome? He flying from Odessa, Ukraine if it makes any difference.


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I've bought tickets from several airlines that say that on the website and none have ever asked for the credit card at check-in. They only want a passport as normal.

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I have bought tickets for my parents using my credit card on SQ. If you clicked the box to say that "You are not travelling" and bought a ticket for someone else, the SQ office would then (you would have to call) send you a pdf which will ask you to send a copy of D/L, other ID etc to be shown in person at one of their ticketing offices as a proof before they would authorise the travel. If the passenger turned up and no credit card was shown, they will be rejected boarding. Not sure if this is a Star Alliance thing (looking at the question, or just SQ/Turkish!)


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Cathay say it too. I had a problem because the credit card I bought the ticket with was subsequently cancelled due to fraudulent activity, so I was not going to be able to show it upon checkin. I was advised by Cathay that I needed to bring a letter from my bank manager confirming that the card used to purchase the ticket was indeed my own old credit card.


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I have read elsewhere about people having trouble due to a credit card expiring between purchase and travel. Their tickets had to be reissued. In our case, we recently travelled by train in Germany and had prepaid using a credit card. The conductors checked my credit card and even swiped it through their machine. Presumably it helps stop fraud as tickets are either printed at home or displayed on a phone or tablet and could easily be duplicated or stolen.


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My experience with Qatar Airways (who is also requiring upon check in the credit card used for purchase - they did it many times with me so I can confirm this does happen) is that if someone is travelling with a ticket purchased with someone else card then the actual buyer of the ticket needs to complete a form at a Qatar Airways office or through mail, but the passenger definitely needs to have that form during the trip. So just give TK a call and am sure they will work something out for you. Safe travels!

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