Qantas Status Points on other OW airlines

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Hi guys,

Just looking for some advice. I will be flying to and from Europe and the US next year and will be travelling on other OW carriers notably BA,Cathay Pacific, AA and Qatar. I am aiming to travel to maintain my Gold status if possible, and would take this status credit disparity when booking.

I am aware of previous differences in earning rates, in particular Qatar being much less.

So is it a case of..

AA greatest

BA and Cathay equal

Qatar least?

And finally last year I traveled on a BA ticket from Brisbane, the flight number was ticketed BA, but operated by Qantas to Singapore. I received BA level status credits, is this typical?




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Your question is a bit unclear. You seem to have multiple questions thrown in there. Let's unpack it. What do you want to know specifically?


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I would start here to begin with.

This will allow you to get an overview of which airline flies where, and what you will get in terms of status credits and FF points.

As per flying code share with a BA flight number on a flight operated by Qantas, I believe it is correct that you would be earning at the BA status earn rate (though happy to be corrected on this point)


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That's correct - points and status credits are earned based on the flight number you've been ticketed on and not the operating airline.   Flying QF on a BA flight number means you get the BA earn rate, - why it's important to always try book it on a QF flight number.

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